Best Ever Pads is a unique and flourishing company that specializes in constructing custom saddle pads for the western and rodeo industries. Best Ever Pads offers an incredibly personalized experience for rodeo athletes and organizations across the country. In reality, however, Ryan and Tammy’s Best Ever Pads represents so much more than an innovative and stylish approach to saddle pads. This company has grown out of a tremendous love for the western way of life. Best Ever Pads epitomizes the essence of an incredibly special sport, the love and value for an intimate family operation, and the commitment to supporting a sport and industry that is undeniably worthy of such advocacy.

Best Ever Pads was established in 2002. Best Ever Pads are designed and made by professional horsemen who have over 30 years experience with horses (training, competing, and cowboying). Best Ever Pads are used every day by professional rodeo cowboys, barrel racers, and reined cow-horse trainers. Best Ever Pads have sponsored Team Riders who also believe in its no gimmick pads (no gel, no air bubbles, just high quality felt or wool through-and-through). Best Ever Pads strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.


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